How We Work:

NKF is an entirely volunteer organization. When you give money to
NKF, 100% of your funding goes to support a student’s education.

In conjunction with our in country partner Chalbi Scholars
Organization (CSO), NKF provides scholarships to over 200
students each year within Kenya’s Marsabit District. Please
note that the Kenyan Government does not provide secondary
education for its citizens. (Map) Located along Ethiopia’s southern
border, Kenya’s Marsabit District is one of the largest and most
impoverished districts in Kenya. According to a 2011 Unicef study,
this district has the second highest illiteracy rate in the country.

We work directly with our in-country partner, CSO, to select high
achieving and deserving students. CSO works with teachers,
elders and community leaders throughout the Marsabit District
to develop selection committees within each of the major
communities. The committees meet annually to select scholarship
recipients and to evaluate those already enrolled in the program.
CSO handles all in country administrative needs