NKF was founded in 2004 to serve a serious need to secure more
secondary education for Northern Kenyan students. That first year
we provided scholarships to 30 students.

Since inception we have grown tremendously and have supported
over 400 secondary students and 1 University level student through
graduation. Currently four University level students are being funded.
Of those receiving funding two are girls.

NKF along with CSO, teachers, and school leaders, is helping to
create an education revolution in the Chalbi region. When a young
girl attends high school she forgoes the traditional arranged
marriage that would see her pregnant well before age 18. Education
will enhance her ability to become a wage earner, give back to the
community and educate her own children in the future. NKF’s ripple
effect is powerful and real. Whether it is a student who wants to
become a doctor because as of right now there is no medical doctor
in the entire Marsabit District, which is the largest district in Kenya.
Or perhaps it is the young man who finishes high school and is now
able to work for the Kenyan Police that in turn enables him to support
his own family back at home. As we educate more kids the ripple
effect only increases.